Gospel Meeting 2014

Godfrey Matiki Baptized :: Malawi Priestly, Speedy and Daglus on Sunday :: Malawi

Recently the students from MIBI participated in a gospel meeting in Malawi. When asked how the men did, this was the reply from a preacher, Griffin, who is taking classes at the school

Every student participated wonderfully, Paul was first to preach among the guys seconded by Wellos. Helbert, Lyson and Creah were helping teaching those that were just baptized. Many people were so amazed looking at young men preaching with confidence.


It is wonderful to see the fruit of our labors already making a difference for the Kingdom of God in Malawi.  Thank you so much for your continued support.

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“It is the purpose of this school to communicate the full and complete Gospel of Jesus Christ to Malawi and its neighboring nations, to the honor and glory of God.”

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