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Priestley Nkhonjera

March 18, 2010
Dear Brethren;

I am sending you another update on the work of the Malawi International Bible Institute.
You have been very generous and the work is going great.  As I mentioned in the last report, Brother Priestley Nkhonjera and his family are now in Lubbock, Texas where Brother Priestley is attending the Sunset International Bible Institute.
He is doing very well in the classes he is now taking: Scheme of Redemption, Acts, Homiletics, Effective Bible Study, and Evangelistic Methods.
When he returns to Malawi, he will be able to teach others what he has been taught himself.  He will also serve as Dean of the Malawi International Bible Institute.
Who is Priestley Nkhonjera?  Here is his background in his own words.

 Some might be wondering who is the Priestley “nosing” around here.  Hang on for my very brief  background.  I was born on the 7th of February AD 1965 to John and Fayness in a small village in Rumhi  district in the northern part of Malawi.  I am Tumbuka by tribe.  I went to primary school in my area and later  on to Livingstonia Secondary school for secondary education.  After having professionally trained as a  Telecommunication technician I worked for the government for a while but later got a job with a big  beverage company called Southern Bottlers Limited in Blantyre, Malawi.  I have been with this company  until December 2009 when I resigned to come to SUNSET.
 I grew up in the church of Christ with my father John Nkhonjera at Mburunji.  As a matter of fact my village  congregation was one of the first congregations started by the early missionaries from here, the likes of the  late John Thiesen, Andrew M. Connally, James Judd and my very teacher at SUNSET, Doyle Gillian.   (Malawians have deep respect for these people…God bless them.)  My mother went to a denomination.  I  was immersed into the Lord in 1978.  However it was in 1981 when I began to be actively involved in the  teaching and preaching ministries whilst at Falls congregation in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.  I have for  the most part since then self-studied the word of God and also done much learning by correspondence with  different  schools here in the US and at home.  I have preached the gospel with the brethren in many parts  of the central and southern parts of Malawi.
 I am married to Mary, the most beautiful lady on the planet earth and we have four children, one boy 14, and  three girls, 8, 12, and 16.  I met Mary while I was a pupil teacher at Chiwiri in Lilongwe soon after my  secondary school.  Her father, now retired, worked for the government as an Agriculture Training officer.   We married in 1991.
 My hobbies are singing and playing a guitar and please take it straight there.  I play it at home not in the  church lest some accuse me of introducing instrumental music in the church.  I know it’s a big issue here  (joke).  I also do some short story writing through it seems I don’t have much time for that nowadays.
 I may share with my future plan: to serve the Lord as best I can and die in Christ.
 We have really had great excitement since we came here.  Our first sight of snow was fantastic.  We will  want it to fall again next year so we can get snaps on it throwing snow balls at each other to take home.   You guys are good over here…free Dr.Pepper when you eat in the restaurant.  No wonder many eat out.  In  Malawi drinks are unaffordable to many.  I have really fallen in love with your French fries, they are good  men.  They easily make my day.
 The kids are adjusting well in school.  They are doing quite well in class and they will hopefully do even  better when they know...”you must be kidding…” and “that’s crazy.”  Oh, them shots!  I had trouble with  teachers when they demanded shot records.  I said “you must be joking” which translates into “you must be  kidding” here.
 In Malawi shots are associated with guns, you know, so I wondered why one would go the stretch to shoot  his own children.  It was after somebody mentioned immunization when it dawned on me the teacher was  asking for immunization records.  I did have them; I left them home so everybody of us is being “shot”.  The  first time I received five at once and Philip and Debora received seven each.  Again the second time I  received three and these other guys received their lot as well.  However the good thing here: they gave us  coupons for ice creams.. so soon tears turned into laughter as everybody clutched an ice cream licking it  selfishly and sparingly so it lasts long…the whole distance from the Clinic to home.  In Christ, Priestley.

God Bless You All.
His Servant
Jim Dillinger
Jim Dillinger, President
Malawi International Bible Institute Board

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